Scott Keller

Coming into the world from a Deaf family, Scott grew up with two siblings, one older brother and one younger sister. Scott grew up all over the United states by chance of his father’s wanderlust attitude, which has now influenced Scott today. Scott has been stationed in San Diego for four years now, previously employed as a manager of three years for a Deaf daytime recovery center for adults struggling with homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues. Scott is now employed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a Disability Integration Advisor. In May of 2017, Scott graduated and received his masters’ degree in Leadership studies at the University of San Diego. Additionally, he has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and English from Gallaudet University. Scott has a passion for traveling the world and immersing himself in the beauty of cultures and languages. Scott has visited nearly twenty-five different countries to date. Scott is passionately dedicated to his community, where he coordinates the San Diego DeaFestival for the past two years. He also dedicates his time on the Board of Directors for Disability Rights California. Scott is a native signer who is in the process of obtaining a CDI certification, he is also learning a third language (Spanish), and enjoys the presence of animals.

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