Independent Study Plan

*Those using UTRID as a CMP sponsor have responsibilities they must adhere to in order to get CEUs for themselves or for workshop participants. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities or to follow UTRID’s guidelines may lead to the inability to get CEUs.*

Steps to receive CEUs for Independent Studies activities

  1. Contact the CMP sponsor to approve the plan before proceeding.
  2. Submit payment if required (Members receive 1 per year as a benefit of membership, each additional is $10. Only purchase if you have exhausted your yearly benefit.)
  3. Complete the Independent Study form.
    1. Upload supporting materials such as event description, lesson plan, agenda, learning objectives, flyers, brochures, etc
    2. Paper form for reference only: Independent Study Plan
  4. Work with the CMP Sponsor to determine:
    1. Number of CEUs and if they are Professional Studies or General Studies
    2. How to prove attendance / participation
  5. Complete Independent Study as outlined
    1. Obtain/maintain verification materials as agreed upon with the CMP Sponsor
  6. Submit attendance/ participation verification materials to the CMP Coordinator within 10 days of the event
**Note on Paper forms: While you can opt to use paper forms to gather the necessary information, you will need to convert this to a digital format or transfer the information to the correct online form. This will expedite the processing of the credits. Do not submit scanned, handwritten forms as you will be asked to re-submit digitally and this will delay the processing of your credits.**
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