UTRID’s annual membership cycle is July 1st – June 30th. (UTRID’s “grace period” allows a 2-month-period for renewing before losing benefits. Member benefits are only extended until August 31st.)

Membership in RID and local affiliate chapter, UTRID, is required for the following privileges:

  • Voting
  • Running for office
  • and Retaining officer status

UTRID officers serve 2-year terms.

Election Cycles

Odd Years Even Years


MAL (Student Involvement)

MAL (Public Relations/Membership Outreach)

MAL (Silent Weekend/Camp Planner)

Vice President


MAL (UAD Liason)

MAL (Conference Planner)

MAL (Professional Development)


Members who wish to vote or run for office must have dual membership in UTRID and RID prior to election day

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