Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) Sponsor

UTRID is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education.

CMP processing is one of the many benefits of UTRID membership.

Please submit all required information for your request to be processed in a timely fashion. Missing data will slow processing.

View our processing fees


Host a workshop with approved CEUs by completing a Continuing Education Activity Plan

PINRA Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities 

Independent Study Plan

Academic Coursework

If you would like to present a workshop for UTRID, please complete the Presenter Application

For questions or help completing the forms, please email CMP.utrid@gmail.com

Sample Forms  (Registration, Check-in, Evaluation, Certificate, Activity Report form)
**Note on paper forms: While you can opt to use paper forms to gather the necessary information, you will need to convert this to a digital format or transfer the information to the correct online form. This will expedite the processing of the credits. Do not submit scanned, handwritten forms as you will be asked to re-submit digitally and this will delay the processing of your credits.**
*Those using UTRID as a CMP sponsor have responsibilities they must adhere to in order to get CEUs for themselves or for workshop participants. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities or to follow UTRID’s guidelines may lead to the inability to get CEUs.*
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