Continuing Education Activity Plan Sponsor Form

*Those using UTRID as a CMP sponsor have responsibilities they must adhere to in order to get CEUs for themselves or for workshop participants. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities or to follow UTRID’s guidelines may lead to the inability to get CEUs.*

Steps to host a workshop with approved CEUs

**Do not advertise the event as eligible for CEUs before the flyer/workshop has been approved.**

  1. Submit payment if required (Organizational members receive 6 workshops processed as a benefit of membership)
  2. Complete the Continuing Education Activity Plan form at least 45 days before the event (note: UTRID has combined the Continuing Education Activity Plan form and the Instructor form submission to streamline our process)
    1. You will need:
      1. Organizer name and contact info
      2. Course Title, Date, Times
      3. Instructor name, Bio, Headshot, and media that will be used
      4. Course Description, Objectives and how you will evaluate student learning
      5. PS or GS What is the Difference between Professional Studies (PS) and General Studies (GS) CEUs?
      6. Promotional Materials(Flyers, posters, etc)
        1. Review UTRID’s requirements for promotional/advertising materials here: Promotional/Advertising Requirements
      7. Certificate of Completion – Create your certificate
      8. Please submit all required information for your request to be processed in a timely fashion. Missing data will slow processing.
  3. Advertise your event after approval from the CMP sponsor
  4. Print several copies of the QR Page to show to attendees UTRID Evaluation QR  and/or add this QR code to the presentation slides Presentation QR
  5. During your event:
    1. Follow the educational objectives submitted.
    2. Collect attendee information by providing the link and QR code to attendees for Evaluations
      1. Attendees are not required to answer the questions on the evaluation, they can skip all but the title and date of the activity.
      2.  After submitting the Evaluation Form, Attendees will see a link to request credit for the workshop.
      3. Attendees should not be permitted to request CEU/CEH credit if they missed over 25% of the activity.
      4. Only the attendees who complete the request form will get CEUs, the CMP Coordinator cannot honor requests to modify the Roll after it has been submitted.
      5. CEUs will not be granted if attendees leave their RID number blank or if their details are not an exact match to their profile on the RID membership database.
    3. Distribute (Paper or electronic) Certificates of Completion to attendees
    4. You can view the evaluations and the list of attendees who completed the forms here: Workshop Evaluations and CEUS
  6. Complete the online Activity Report Form within 10 days of the event.
    1. This will include
      1. Activity Title
      2. Activity ID
      3. Instructor RID# if they would like CEU/CEH credit
      4. Roster/Roll (gathered electronically)
      5. Evaluations & Comments (gathered electronically)
    2. If the Activity Report Form is not submitted to the UTRID CMP Coordinator, then the attendees will not get CEUs/CEHs.

Paper Continuing Education Activity Plan Sponsor form for reference only

Paper Instructor Form for reference only

Paper Activity Report Form for reference only

**Note on Paper forms: While you can opt to use paper forms to gather the necessary information, you will need to convert this to a digital format and transfer the information to the correct online form. This will expedite the processing of the credits. Do not submit scanned, handwritten forms as you will be asked to re-submit digitally and this will delay the processing of your credits.**

Workshop instructors / coordinators who repeatedly do not follow these guidelines may be asked to seek a different CMP sponsor.

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