Pulling Back the Curtain: Finding Deaf Heart in VRS for Longevity

*Presented in ASL*

by Betsy Bennion, Jed Patton & Samond Bishara (VRS)

What is behind the curtain of the “great and powerful’…? VRS can feel shrouded and mysterious. As a VRS interpreter have you been faced with a situation you weren’t sure how to answer? Have you worried about potential situations with VRS and don’t know how to handle them, or what resources you have at your disposal? Are you curious about VRS bit have some questions you need answered? Are you an experienced VRS interpreter facing breakdown? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, or the world of VRS interpreting is part of your life or could be, then this workshop is for you. We will guide participants, with our experiences, how to maintain resiliency as a Video Interpreter.  We will discuss best practices as a VRS interpreter while juggling business, FCC compliance, and interpreting ethics.

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