First Impressions: Set Foundation for all to Succeed

*Presented in ASL*

by Teddi Von Pingel (Medical)

Teddi von Pingel is currently enrolled in the Ed.D. Program in Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University. As a doctoral student, she has engaged in preliminary cycles of research to collect data on the interactions between ASL/English interpreters and Deaf consumers prior to medical appointments. The data collected will shed some light on perceptions of both Deaf consumers and ASL/English interpreters related to the ‘first impressions’ prior to any appointment. The presentation will highlight themes found in the research and provide participants an opportunity to share their own experiences as interpreters or consumers in a medical setting. Together, the participants will brainstorm solutions to common issues faced when meeting a client/interpreter prior to a medical appointment. The presenter will share narratives from past research participants on their ideas about improving ‘first impressions’.

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