Finding the Leader Within

*Presented in ASL*

by Scott Keller (Leadership)

In the workshop titled, “Finding the Leader Within”, I aim to reach all members of the audience in doing an interpersonal work that will motivate them to find the leader within. There have been an increased need for leaders in our society, our community, but the amount of available leaders are scarce. People nowadays have a misconception of what qualifies as a leader. The usual conception is that somebody that is a leader is somebody with power, authority, a big corner office. While in fact, the guy on the street, your neighbor, your mother, can be the leader. There are a plethora of leadership styles and one of those styles are bound to match the qualities of somebody. My workshop aims to motivate the hidden leader within, personal and professional development, and to create a sense of community development when more leaders are available and working together towards a common goal.

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