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2020 VISION Conference | Last Chance to Get your Ticket!

Today is your last chance to get a ticket for the full 2020 VISION Conference! Saturday-Only Admission will close on Friday. Get yours before it’s too late!

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Drive-Through Social

Conference attendees, mark your calendars on Saturday from 5:30-7:00 PM for our open-house style Drive-Through Social! Come network at a local park, enjoy some ice cream, and pick up your 2020 VISION swag bag—all while practicing social distance, of course. Specific details will be distributed at the conference.

Conference Sponsors

The UTRID Conference Planning Committee would like to thank this year’s sponsors: 

We are grateful for their support amidst these historic times.

Conference Presenter Previews

Dr. Michael Ballard is the director of the ASL & Deaf Studies program at Utah Valley University.  He has previously been a faculty member at Iowa State University (Languages and Cultures) and Eastern Kentucky University (ASL & Interpreter Education).  Dr. Ballard holds a PhD in Education from Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) and a Master of Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University (Spokane, Wash.). When not in the academy, Dr. Ballard enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor cooking, fishing, and many a bonfires.


Trenton Marsh was born into the “Family Business” of teaching and coaching, he found his calling in the interpreting field.  Trenton started as a language mentor at an IPP in Colorado before moving to Utah in 2002.  By the spring of 2003, Trenton discovered the interpreting lab at the Sanderson Community Center, and put down roots.  In the years since, Trenton earned his RID CDI, helped start the Interpreter Certification Advancement Network (ICAN), and became a full-time CDI with the Utah Interpreter Program.  Trenton is married to Bonnie, a native Utahn, and has two active, curious, creative, cat-loving kids who love the great Utah outdoors!


Teddi Covey von Pingel is a Leadership Development Manager for Sorenson. She graduated in December 2019 with an Ed.D. in Leadership and Innovation from Arizona State University. Teddi has been a working interpreter for over 25 years and teaching interpreters for the past 20 years. Her research and passion relate to the ‘soft skills’ of interpreting and encouraging new interpreters to make connections often and early.  Teddi lives in Utah with her husband, three kids, a dog, a rabbit, and eight chickens.  In her spare time, she loves watching Poldark, reality tv, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.


Cody Simonsen is a co-founder of 5 Star Interpreting, an on-site and remote signed language interpreter referral agency, where he currently works as the Director of Operations. Holding a master’s degree in Interpreter Education from the University of North Florida, Cody actively seeks opportunities to learn and share ideas. Additionally, he holds RID national certification and the State of Alabama’s Qualified Mental Health Interpreter certification. Cody’s favorite setting to interpret in is business meetings. He enjoys listening to audiobooks and playing board games with his wife and family.


Dale H Boam JD

Dale Boam recently left his position as an Associate Professor of Deaf Studies at Utah Valley University and attorney advocating for the rights of persons who are Deaf and a blogger for Uncle Dale’s Rules for Interpreters.  He consults and presents nationally on both interpreting and legal topics, including: The Physiology of Interpreting; The Physics of Processing Time; Cohesion and Orphans in Interpretation; Legal Rights of Individuals with Disabilities: Law, Deafness and Personhood; Vote: The Power is in Your Hands; Making the ADA Effective for the Deaf Community; and Serving the Client Who is Deaf.  Dale recently received a favorable decision from the 9th Circuit Court making Section 504 more accessible to persons who are Deaf (See Ervine v. Desert View Regional Medical Center) and is currently on an advisory committee for NAD and the organizing boards for Deaf Studies, Today!

2020 UTRID Business Meeting

Saturday, August 8th, Noon-1:30 PM

RSVP here at your earliest to attend the live-streamed Business Meeting.

This year’s Business Meeting will include elections for open board positions and voting to ratify changes to the UTRID Bylaws. 


Open Board Positions & Nominations

Board positions will be voted into office during the Business Meeting of this year’s Bi-Annual State Conference—2020 Vision.

Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:

  • Vice President
    • The Vice-President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, perform
      all duties of the President and in so acting shall have all the powers of the
    • The Vice-President shall serve as Director of Committees and oversee all committees operating according to the UTRID Bylaws.
    • The Vice President shall perform other duties of the office as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • Treasurer
    • The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the organization, making at least quarterly financial records of the organization, making at least quarterly financial reports to the President, maintaining the financial accounts, and making payments for authorized expenditures.
    • The Treasurer shall perform other duties of the office as outlined in the UTRID Bylaws and as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • MAL (UAD Liaison)
    • The UAD Liaison is responsible for forming a committee to plan and execute the annual Sub-for-Santa fundraising drive. The UAD Liaison shall act as a liaison between the UTRID Board of Directors and the board of directors for UAD, coordinating communications between the organizations.
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board of Directors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.
  • MAL (Conference Chair)
    • The Conference Chair is responsible for forming a committee to plan and execute the Bi-annual State Conference & Bi-annual Mini-Conference.
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board of Directors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.
  • MAL (Professional Development)
    • The Professional Development MAL is responsible for forming a committee to plan workshops and Professional Development activities for the membership of UTRID.
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board of Directors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.

Please see Article IV, Section 4 of the UTRID Chapter Bylaws for detailed descriptions of each position.

 Nominations are due Aug 8, 2020

  • Nominations may be made on the floor of the business meeting; individuals may decline a nomination.
  • Email nominations to pres.utrid@gmail.com. Email subject must read “2020 Board Nomination” and must include (1) the name of the individual being nominated, (2) the position for which they are being nominated, and (3) the nominee’s email address.
  • Questions? Email: pres.utrid@gmail.com


Proposed Bylaw Changes


Proposition  #1

As with any new experience, it can take time for someone entering a board position to learn the ropes and reach their greatest potential as they serve members of the organization. The proposed change will help give board members additional opportunity to continue to serve in their positions after learning the ropes, which is something that will help increase the effectiveness of the board.

As expected, it can take some time for recently elected members of the Board of Directors to find their stride in their new position. Proposition #1 will make it possible for members of the Board to continue serving in capacities even after becoming familiar with the operations of their role; this proposition intends to increase the effectiveness of the board.


First, adjust the current term limit from 2 to 3 consecutive terms in one office. 

Secondly, increase the maximum number of consecutive terms in an executive office from 3 to 4. 

Please note: there will be no consecutive maximum of the total number of years that a MAL (Member at Large) may serve on the board, but they will be bound by the 3 consecutive terms in one office.

Article IV, Section 2:B of the UTRID Chapter Bylaws shall be revised to state:

No officer shall hold the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms. In addition, no officer shall serve more than four (4) consecutive terms on the executive board of directors. 

The election schedule and terms of service shall continue as presently instituted:

Odd Years Even Years


MAL (Student Involvement)

MAL (Public Relations/Membership Outreach)

MAL (Silent Weekend/Camp Planner)

Vice President


MAL (UAD Liason)

MAL (Conference Planner)

MAL (Professional Development)


Proposition #2

As presently instituted, when a new member of the UTRID board is elected, the outgoing board member continues involvement for a 2-month transitional period. With the amount of responsibility designated to the role of President, we believe an additional system of support would benefit both the incoming President and the operations of UTRID.

Proposal: Change the outgoing term of transitional service for the president and create the title of Past President to serve in an advisory capacity with no voting rights.

Article IV, Section 2:D of the UTRID Chapter Bylaws shall be revised to state:

The Outgoing president shall be named Past President and continue to serve in an advisory capacity for 12 months, without voting privileges. All other outgoing Board members will serve an additional two months during the transitional period without voting privileges.    


The proposals above will be made at the UTRID business meeting on Saturday, August 8th at Noon. If you have any points of concern regarding these proposals, please join us at the meeting.



Our conference planning committee continues to work hard to bring us a fantastic conference this historic year! Please visit the 2020 VISION One-stop Info Shop for additional information on the UTRID 2020 VISION Conference.

2020 VISION Conference | Don’t delay—buy your ticket today!

Advanced Admission prices end on Monday night. Remember to get your ticket before prices go up!

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For details about the conference, check out our One-Stop Info Shop.

For live updates about the conference, follow our Facebook event.


Conference Presenter Previews

Janelle Nielsen is an avid supporter of ASL interpreters, beginning when she stood before the Utah Legislature at just ten years old to advocate for their need in schools. She earned a license in massage therapy and focused her work on helping interpreters recover from the strain of their jobs. In 2019, she led the Utah Deaf Hospital Rights protest at the state capital, advocating for live interpreters over the use of tablets in hospitals. Her focus is on the wellbeing of the interpreters that serve the Deaf Community, knowing as both a Deaf woman and an interpreter how difficult it can be.


Adam Janiesiski was born and raised in the western part of Massachusetts, from which he has that New England charm. He became Deaf at a very young age from high fever. Attended a small Deaf school before attending full-time mainstream at a local public school. He graduated from Gallaudet University with a BA in Mathematics and Ashford University with an MBA in Marketing. He enjoys travel, playing board games, cooking, and being outdoors to appreciate nature. 


Jim Macedone has been an interpreter for over 30 years. He is a practicing Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC) at Igniting Change in Lehi, Utah. Jim graduated from BYU-Provo in Family Science and got his master’s in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Phoenix with High Honors. He actively serves on the Board for the Utah Mental Health Counselors Association and has served there for over 4 years. Jim employs a constructivist approach including narrative therapy and play therapy. Jim has experience working with families, couples, individuals, and kids. When Jim is not interpreting or counseling, he is definitely kayaking, at home with his wife and five kids, gardening, or building his 1:1 scale R2-D2.


2021 A.R.T IS NEVER ENDING| One-Stop Info Shop


Official Conference Schedule will be out soon!!

With the conference just around the corner, here is what you need to know before you buy your ticket. Spots are limited so get your today!


Follow and share the Conference’s Facebook event for live updates as the conference draws near!

Curriculum & Continuing Education Credit


Participants enroll in the opportunity to earn 10 CEHs/1.0 CEUs—pending UIP/RID approval—by attending workshops and presentations through the conference. The following local professionals will present this year:


    • Trenton Marsh
    • Jim Macedone
    • Dale Boam
    • Adam Janiesiski
    • Debroah McHenry

Conference Delivery Format

Due to precautionary occupancy limitations imposed in the interest of public safety, UTRID’S 2020 VISION Conference will no longer offer tickets for face-to-face attendance. With the exception of an outdoor socially-distanced networking event, all conference proceedings will be held virtually through video conferencing software. Conference proceedings and workshops will be accessible to virtual participants via moderated, interactive live-streaming technology. Unlike past conferences that have featured cafeteria-style schedules, this year’s conference will follow a linear schedule to provide stable live streaming. Hopefully, this online delivery approach will enable practitioners from throughout the state and the greater region to join the conference this year. Visit the conference registration page to procure your ticket!

UTRID Business Meeting

As previously planned, the UTRID Business Meeting will be held shortly after Noon on Saturday, Aug. 7th. Elections for available positions on the Board of Directors will be conducted virtually. Board positions on the ballot include President, Secretary, Public Relations, Silent-Weekend Planner, and Student Involvement. 

Additional information regarding nominations and elections may be viewed here. Award nominations and presentations have been postponed until further notice.

Alternative to Traditional Banquet

Instead of a traditional banquet, the conference will include an additional opportunity for continuing education credit in an interactive virtual activity

Alternative Funding Opportunities

The Planning Committee is cognizant of the community’s growing financial concerns in recent months. We invite those who are able to sponsor a fellow interpreter’s admission to the conference; donations may be credited to a specific interpreter or contributed to the Sponsor an Interpreter 2020 Vision fund. Practitioners encountering financial adversities in the pursuit of professional development activities should consider utilizing UTRID’s Scholarship offerings

Thank you for your continued interest and patience as the conference has adapted amidst such uncertain times. Please direct questions to Conference Chair Deborah McHenry at conferencechair.utrid@gmail.com.


Purchase your ticket here!


UTRID Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah

2020 VISION Conference | Total CEU/CEH Update

Bonus Continuing Education Credits!

Participants who attend UTRID’s 2020 VISION Conference will have the opportunity to earn 1.6 CEUs (16 CEHs) through workshops, presentations, and interactive activities. A complete conference schedule and presentation lineup will be available in the coming weeks.

Please direct questions to Conference Chair Deborah McHenry at conferencechair.utrid@gmail.com.

Purchase your ticket by following the link below!

 2020 Vision Conference | REGISTRATION 


Image containing the SAVE THE DATE information and Conference Logo

Keep Saving the Dates!


August 6-8, 2020


DO NOT completely clear your summer calendar because this year’s conference is still happening!

The conference planning committee is making contingencies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic impacts. We are aware of and considering your growing financial concerns as we coordinate the conference. If you encounter financial adversities in the pursuit of Professional Development activities, please consider utilizing UTRID’s Scholarship offerings.

Early Bird Registration opens May 1st.


UTRID Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah
Logo designed by Brandon Bowden.

Call for Volunteers | 2020 Vision Conference

Volunteer—come join the team

Volunteer to See Clear!

UTRID’s 2020 VISION Conference

August 6-8, 2020


We are looking for volunteers to help the Conference Planning Committee execute our plans in August. Please help us share this opportunity by taking a moment to forward this email to ITP students, interns, and mentees you have worked with recently. Thank you!

We have several ways you can volunteer! Choose from any of the following areas that spark your interest: helping with food, facilitating workshop sessions, registration check-in, activity set-up/ take-down, fundraising & sponsorship, photography/videography documentation, and even more!

If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please contact Camaris Meservy at c.meservy@hotmail.com.


Volunteers Qualify for Discounted Admission!

Early Bird (Ends May 31st)
Volunteering 2 hours = 30% Discount
Member: $122.50
Non-Member: $150.50
Volunteering 4+ hours = 50% Discount
Member: $87.50
Non-Member: $107.50
Advance Admission (Ends July 31st
Volunteering 2 hours = 30% Discount
Member: $140
Non-Member: $168
Volunteering 4+ hours = 50% Discount
Member: $100
Non-Member: $120
Discount directions pending volunteer confirmation.
UTRID Conference
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