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Double Minorities: Interpreting for Minorities within the Deaf Minority (.3/3 CEU/CEH-Professional Studies) 

Marcela S. Lopez, Karen Rama & Alysia McEvoy

Moderator: Amber Sidwell

Being Deaf or Hard of Hearing is one layer of a person’s identity. This workshop will focus on double minorities- individuals who have more than one cultural and/or linguistic identity and how we can be more sensitive to their needs as interpreters. We will also discuss some of the challenges these individuals face as they interact with the larger Deaf minority and the hearing majority. Cultural and linguistic samples include the Latino/Hispanic community, the Polynesian Community and the LGBT community. This session will include a Q&A panel.

This workshop will be presented in ASL.


Personal and Professional evolution: Cultivating Self awareness and Self Care (.3/3 CEU/CEH- Professional Studies)

Presenter: Heather Beck

The importance of self awareness and mindfulness impacts our daily work as Interpreters. Together we will learn how to fine tune our mind, body and spirit to maintain overall health and longevity in the field of Interpreting.

This workshop will be presented in English. Please request in advance if ASL interpretation is needed. Email or include the request in registration form.

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