Workshop Requirements

Hosts using UTRID as a CMP sponsor have responsibilities they must adhere to in order to get CEUs for themselves and/or for workshop participants. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities or to follow UTRID’s guidelines may lead to the inability to get CEUs. Please refer to Continuing Education Activity Form for steps and a full list of requirements.

Activities are presented for group instruction or for individual study. Examples include short courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, teleconferences, and distance learning (e.g. continuing education publications, teleconferences, multimedia instruction materials, and programmed learning materials)

The Host shall provide activities that meet the following requirements: 

1. The educational content should follow the stated objectives of the continuing education activity.
2. The continuing education activity should be of sufficient duration to achieve the stated educational objectives.
3. The content of the continuing education activity should be designed to explore one
subject or a group of closely related subjects. If the activity involves multiple components, such as in a lecture series, all segments should be devoted to integrally related subjects.
4. The audiovisual aids and supportive materials should be current, suitable and appropriate.
5. The method of delivery should allow for and encourage active involvement on the part of the participant, feedback, and reinforcement of the learned knowledge or skill.
6. The Host shall verify that members of the teaching staff of all continuing education
activities are qualified (credentials, training, experience and expertise in the subject
matter to be presented). All instructors should demonstrate high ethical standards of
professional conduct and be sensitive to RID members’ individual differences with regard to age, gender, socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, disability, and sexual orientation.
7. The Host shall formulate plans for advanced continuing education activities suitable for certified interpreters.

Hosts must complete a Continuing Education Activity Plan 45 days in advance to allow the CMP team to process the submission. The CMP team is a volunteer position and individuals serving often have other responsibilities.

The following information is required on the Plan:

  1. Target Audience: The Sponsor shall define the target audience for each continuing
    education activity. In planning the activity, Sponsors should assess the needs of the
    target audience. The target audience should be clearly specified in all promotional
    outreach, media, and materials.
  2. Educational Objectives: The Sponsor shall specify the observable, measurable
    educational objectives of each continuing education activity. These objectives must be
    published in promotional outreach, media, and materials announcing the activity.
  3. Content Knowledge Level: The content knowledge level is related to participant’s
    familiarity with the topic, regardless of their interpreting skill or experience. The content knowledge level should be classified according to the following definitions.

3.1 Little/NO: This level assumes little or no information on the part of the
participant within the topic area. The focus of the activity is a general orientation
and increase of understanding. This category also includes activities that assume
the audience to have diverse levels of knowledge due to the nature of the event.
For example, professional issue forum, conference, discussion group, etc.
3.2 Some: This level assumes the participant has some familiarity with the literature and professional practice within the topic covered. The general focus of the activity is to increase understanding and application of the participant.
3.3 Extensive: This level assumes the participant has extensive familiarity with current literature and professional practice within the topic covered. The focus of the activity is upon recent advances, future directions and applications of research.
3.4 Teaching: This level assumes the participant to be educators of interpreters. At this instructional level, the content of the CEU activity will focus on acquisition of current pedagogical techniques for the preparation of interpreters/transliterators.

The Host shall specify the content knowledge level of each activity in all promotional media, outreach or material efforts.

4. Content Area: The host shall specify the Content Area of each Activity in all
promotional media, outreach and materials. The Content Areas should be specified as
Professional Studies or General Studies. These areas are described in detail here:

The Host shall verify participant attendance and completion of all course materials and requirements of each submitted activity.

Source:RID Standards and Criteria

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