Planning and hosting a workshop

  1. Find a Presenter/Facilitator for the workshop
  2. Ask the Presenter/Facilitator to complete the  Workshop Proposal Form.
  3. Prepare and Send Contract to Presenter/Facilitator for signature
  4. Complete the Workshop Form (45 days in advance is the standard)
  5. Announce and Publicize the Workshop
  6. Add the name of the workshop to the Check in form & the Evaluation form
  7. Add the Certificate of Completion to the Page on UTRID
    1. Don’t forget to add the activity number to the certificate
  8. Check registration in WooCommerce on
  9. Send Links for Zoom or personalized qr tickets 
  10. Host the workshop
    1. Take roll (use the UTRID online forms) Check-in
    2. Monitor the names as they are entered in the Master Registration Check In tab
    3. Collect evaluations (use the UTRID online forms) Eval
  11. Complete the Activity Report Form

Check in QR
Eval QR


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