Call for Board Nominations: An Invitation to Strive to Thrive at UTRID

UTRID is now seeking nominations for 2023-2025 board positions. Do you know an interpreter who…

  • …cares about our colleagues and consumers and is ready to give back to the Deaf and interpreter communities here in Utah?
  • …wants to make a difference in the profession and their career?
  • …loves to work with and learn from colleagues across specialties?

If any of the above descriptions seem like you or someone you know, please consider sending a nomination for a position listed below. (See nomination directions at the bottom of this bulletin.) Board positions will be voted into office during the annual UTRID Business Meeting on August 5th 2023.

UTRID's 2023 Theme: STRIVE TO THRIVENominations are now open for the following positions:

  • President
    • The President shall have general supervision and direction of the business and affairs of the organization. The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and/or Directors and shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed, from time to time, by the Board of Directors or the members.
    • The President shall appoint Committee Chairpersons with approval of the Board of Directors.
    • The President shall share, with the Treasurer, the right to sign checks and warrants for the withdrawal of corporate funds.
    • The President shall provide yearly reports to the membership regarding the actions of the Board of Directors, the financial status of the organization, activities of the committees and other activities of the organization.
    • The President shall represent the organization at national and regional RID conferences, attending applicable business and organizational meetings. To aid in this responsibility, UTRID will either reimburse or schedule and pay directly for the President’s transportation, registration and accommodations, totaling up to 10% of the organization’s current account balance, but not to exceed $1500. 
    • The President shall provide an annual report and all other documentation to the RID National Representative in accordance with the RID Affiliate Chapter Requirements.
  • Secretary 
    • The Secretary shall keep a full and accurate record of allproceedings of the Board of Directors and of the general membership meetings.
    • The Secretary shall keep the seal of the corporation and affix it to such papers and instruments as may be required in the regular course of business and shall make service of such notices as may be necessary or proper.
    • The Secretary shall supervise the keeping of the records of the organization.
    • The Secretary shall perform other duties of the office as prescribed by the Board of Directors.
  • MAL (Student Involvement Chair)
    • The Student Involvement MAL is responsible for forming a committee to plan workshops and Student focused activities for the membership of UTRID.
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board ofDirectors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.
  • MAL (Immersion Camp Chair)
    • The Immersion Camp Chair is responsible for forming a committee to plan and execute the bi-annual ASL Immersion Camp for certified interpreters only
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board of Directors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.
  • MAL (Public Relations)
    • The Public Relations  MAL is responsible for community outreach and communications to membership via Webpage and Social Media platforms.
    • Members-at-Large shall act as liaisons to the Board of Directors from the membership, working directly with the membership assisting with the coordination of activities and communications within the organization.

Nominations are due Aug 5, 2023

Shane Montemayor | Student Involvement

Hello, my name is Shane Montemayor and I grew up in Provo, Utah.
I have been fluent in American Sign Language for the past 10 years and have been interpreting since 2014.
One of the biggest influences to become an ASL/English interpreter was my deaf cousin, Keiko who lives in Okinawa, Japan.
We first met when I was twelve years old on my first vacation to visit my extended family; after returning to Utah I decided to learn sign language and immerse myself in the deaf community.
After developing a close relationship with those in the community, I decided to become an interpreter.

Teresa Langford Edwards | Publications

Teresa Langford Edwards BA, CI/CT has been interpreting since 1995.  She loves learning and loves teaching.  She currently works at the VRSII at Sorenson where she has the privilege to work with aspiring interpreters.  She has two beautiful children and enjoys her time with her family, as well as the time she spends working with interpreters.  UTRID is a great organization and she’s grateful to be involved in it.

Patricia M. Lowry | Member at Large

Patricia M. Lowry was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, D.C. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University.  Patricia worked at several deaf schools as a residential educator for about 25 years. She served on the AWDAS board (Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services) for 5 years and Utah Associate of the Deaf for 2nd years. Patricia currently works at Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as the American Sign Language Coordinator.  Patricia has 4 Deaf Impaired sisters, 2 Deaf Impaired brothers and 1 Deaf sister. She loves outdoor camping, riding her bike, reading books and sewing quilts. Patricia has two girls, Bella and Daisy (Deaf) and one boy, Rambo (Deaf) who have four legs (they are dogs).

Rhonda Amicone | Vice President

Rhonda Amicone took interest in American Sign Language at the age of 6. She learned a few more signs in 5th grade and then the ABC manual alphabet. In high school, they offered a foreign language credit for ASL and she enrolled in the class. It was there that she knew she wanted a career in ASL and with the Deaf Community. She attended Salt Lake Community College, and enrolled into the ITP (Interpreter Training Program), which she graduated from in 2002. Rhonda works at SLCC, where she interprets classes and mentors students. She is also employed by Sorenson Communications. Outside of interpreting, her passions are with her family, beautiful daughter and husband, video-games, 4-wheeling, and boating at the lake.

Greg See | Member at Large

My name is Greg See, I am originally from Calgary, Canada and I have lived in Utah since 2005. I attended the University of Utah as a Biochemistry major, but after getting involved in the  Deaf community here in Utah I decided that what I really wanted to do was interpret, so I changed my major. I completed the interpreting program at Salt Lake Community College and I also have a bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education from Utah State. When I’m not interpreting I enjoy camping with my husband, playing with our dog, watching movies, and all sorts of crafty things.

Dawn Duran | Certification Maintenance Program

Dawn Duran is a RID NIC Advanced, SC:L and Utah State Professionally Certified Interpreter.  She hails from Ga, but came to Utah and earned her B.S. in Human Development focusing on Language Development from Brigham Young University.  There she met Deaf friends and found out that if you are the only hearing person in a group of friends, you better learn to interpret! She has been interpreting since Jan. 1990 and in those 26+ years has interpreted in almost every setting she can think of but specializes in interpreting for legal situations as well as for victims or abuse.  She currently works full-time as the Vice President of Marketing & Relationships for ASL Communications, and absolutely loves it!  She is also a member of the RID Professional Development Committee (PDC).

Sherylee Stout | Member at Large

Sherylee Stout has the Utah Professional Certification and loves her career as an Interpreter and has felt it to be a calling in life. Community interpreting is her “jam”, but has a lot of fun working in the VRS setting as well. She loves all things art, and lives to create.

Mike Drees | Member at Large

My name is Mike Drees – I am a CODA, born and raised in Rochester, NY. Having 6 Deaf Family members and growing up in a large, active Deaf Community, when I turned 18 years of age it only made sense to start interpreting professionally. I worked both interpreting and for the YMCA until I found Sorenson VRS. Working at Sorenson led me to SLC, Utah where I now work as the Assistant Director of the VRS Center. I am looking forward to the great things UTRID will be doing over the next couple of years.

Jodi Gonzales | Secretary

Hello, my name is Jodi Gonzales. My husband and I relocated from southern California to Ogden Utah in 2010. I graduated from SLCC’s ITP in 2012 and I’m working on finishing up my degree at USU. When I’m not working or studying I am out and about with family  exploring all the beauty that is Utah.