UTRID Board News – Change is coming

Hello UTRID Membership!

I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming change with the UTRID leadership.  I will be moving to Arizona on March 1st and as a result can no longer fulfill my term as President.  According to our bylaws, the Vice President, would be responsible for taking on that role.  Tanner Vance is the current UTRID Vice President and he and I have met and determined both his willingness and aptitude for stepping into this role.  Because the next elections would happen in August and the president position will be open, it makes sense for Tanner to act in the interim with support from other UTRID board and committee members. Tanner has been serving UTRID in various capacities for the past several years and will continue to lead our membership into innovative and creative spaces.  You are in good hands!

The next few months will be crucial for getting more volunteers to serve on our committees for Professional Development, Silent Weekend, and Conference.  Please consider if you might be able to provide support for those events and reach out! Your ideas for how to grow and shape UTRID are valued!

I first joined the UTRID Board as Secretary in 2006, the summer we moved here.  That was followed by 2 years as Vice President and my most recent terms as Professional Development Chair and President. The Utah interpreting and Deaf communities are like no other! I have always felt welcomed and needed as part of your communities.  I will miss seeing you all regularly and hope that if you ever need a sunny break, you will come down for a visit! You can keep in touch with me through email at tlvonpingel@gmail.com.

Thanks again for your years of friendship and support!

Hugs and ILY Hands Waving!


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