UTRID Board Meeting Minutes | September 8, 2018

Date: 9/8/2018

Conducting: Kimm McConnachie

Call to Order: 841 am

Review and acceptance of meeting notes to be postponed until October 13, 2018

Introductions of newly elected Board Members

Old Business

● Financial report (Marcela)

● Terp talk (Kimm)

○ Will have a planning committee begin work on this series of events

New Business

● Request from Sanderson Center regarding pro tactile training

○ Discussion regarding the request for sponsorship of meals for training

■ Motion to vote on approving the request to sponsor meals for this training

● 1st Kimm 2nd Erinn

● Yes 6 No: 0 Abstain:0

● Ben, Erinn and Kimm will work on budget and food sources for this event.

● Annual Board planning retreat date set

○ November 9-11

Next Board Meeting; 830 am, October 13, 2018, Sanderson Center Conference Room


Meeting Adjourned 941 am

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