UTRID Board Meeting Minutes | July 7, 2019

Date: 7/7/2019

Conducting: Kimm Crosby-McConnachie
Call to Order: 8:40 am 

In Attendance:

  • Kimm Crosby-McConnachie – President
  • Sarah Hemmert – Vice President
  • Ben Daniel – Treasurer
  • Jodi Gonzales- Secretary
  • Adam Janisieski – UAD Liasion
  • Erinn Pack- Professional Development Chair
  • Deborah McHenry- Conference Chair
  • Greg See- Student Involvement Chair


Review and acceptance of meeting notes from the May board meeting. 

  • Kimm motions to approve minutes
  • Adam seconds
  • All in favor

Old Business

  •  Mini-conference update (Deborah)
    • Early bird registration will close July 15, Registration will open after that. 
    • A murder mystery game set for Friday evening
    • Need to set up CMP for Friday evening CEU’s
    • Board members will be needed for room host’s at workshops
    • We will have streaming to St George for the conference 
      • Possibly expanding to Idaho next year
  • Student workshops (Greg)
    • Student workshop set up for September 19, 2019 “Strong Language”
  • UAD Liasion (Adam)
    • UAD is focused right now on the upcoming conference “United We Thrive” on September 9, 2019 
  • Professional Development (Erinn)
    • No professional development workshops this summer due to the mini-conference
  • Sub for Santa (Sarah)
    • Will need a volunteer to coordinate this annual event. Please submit possible volunteers to Sarah

New Business

  • Financial Report (Ben)
    • Zoom account set up for 1 year.
    • As of today, no new expenditures for June.
    • Ben will present a formal report for the meeting at the mini-conference August 3, 2019
    • 2 confirmed corporate sponsors for August mini-conference
    • 2 scholarship disbursements
  • Positions on the Board that will be open for membership to vote on at the mini-conference
    • Public Relations
    • Membership outreach
    • Camp Chair
    • Student Involvement 
    • Executive Board Secretary
    • Executive Board President
  • There was an accidental charge to the UTRID card via a board member’s personal Amazon account. The money was repaid to UTRID via Venmo. 
  • In response to this Ben will set up an Amazon business account for UTRID. All supplies and charges will go through this account 

Meeting Adjourned 945 am

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