UTRID Mini Conference 2023 – Strive to Thrive: Revive Your Passion


You don’t want to miss this!

Presenter Line-up!

We have some amazing presenters for the upcoming Mini Conference. Take a look!

Tammy McFarland
How to Support, Encourage and Debrief With Interpreters Who Are Struggling;
And How to Recognize When It’s Me

Provide practical strategies to create a supportive environment for ASL interpreters and help them navigate the challenges they may face in their careers with vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, or skills-related issues. We will define each of these challenges, discuss how to identify them, and discuss healthy strategies to support colleagues. We will also learn to identify when we are the ones who may be going through some of the challenges, and how to reach out to trusted colleagues or professionals for support.

Jenny Preece
Empathy: Bringing Humanity Back to Interpreting

Learn how to use empathy and other soft skills to improve our interpreting skills. Explore and discuss how empathy and seeing the perspectives of others can help us in our everyday work.

Heather Beck
Building Connections with Ourselves and Others

Discuss ways to silence the inner critic and learn the importance of not comparing ourselves to others through acceptance and allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are in our current form. Learn self soothing strategies that can quiet the inner noise, let go of judgment and learn meditation and self reflection techniques to improve our thoughts. Learn how to identify the thoughts and behaviors that limit our personal and professional growth. Because our ‘best’ changes from moment to moment, we will learn how to avoid self judgment by speaking to ourselves and others with more kindness and compassion. 

Nicole Valcarce
Finding the Interpreting Setting That Aligns with Your Passion

Let’s be honest, interpreting is cool! Not everyone has a career with so many options of settings we can work in. But how do you know which setting is right for you? Are you actually able to decide where you want to interpret? This workshop will explore various interpreting settings, work opportunities within those settings, and factors to consider for each one. Participants will also identify their own personal core values and create an individualized Venn Diagram finding the intersection of their skills, passions, and opportunities.

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