Everything I Know About Interpreting: I Learned Today | Tuesday February 7, 2017

Everything I Know About Interpreting: I Learned Today!

Tuesday, Feb 7 6-8pm Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (with Live Streaming by Zaboosh)

Presented by: Barry Utley

As a CODA, Barry has been part of the Deaf Community for his entire life. His keen understanding of the Deaf Community and their perspective on the world will guide this informal, intimate conversation surrounding the importance of maintaining ties with the Deaf Community to guide best practices in the interpreting field as we evolve alongside the Deaf Community.

Participants attending this workshop will be able to articulate the benefits and need of maintaining ties to the community and culture as well as list specific ways they can maintain those ties as well as maintain boundaries.

2 CEH’s, .2 CEU’s

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$30 for Non-Members

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