UTRID Board Meeting Minutes | May 11, 2019

Date:  5/11/2019

Conducting: Kimm McConnachie
Call to Order: 8:26 am 


In Attendance:
Kimm Crosby-McConnachie – President

Sarah Hemmert – Vice President

Ben Daniel – Treasurer


Review and acceptance of meeting notes from November board retreat. 

Sarah motions to approve minutes

Ben seconds

All in favor


Old Business

  •  Mini-conference update (Sarah)
    • Early bird registration will close July 15, Registration will open after that. Discussed some challenges with getting presenters and community scheduling conflicts.
    • A murder mystery game set for Friday evening
    • Update on T-shirt order arrival
    • Reminder for those interested in running for upcoming board positions that dual membership in UTRID and RID is a requirement. (Patrick)


  • Student workshops 
    • Request for  updates and information from Greg on student workshops


  • Positions on the Board that will be open for membership to vote on at the mini-conference
    • Public Relations
    • Membership outreach


New Business

  • Establish a “Silent Weekend”  annual event sponsored by UTRID
    • Establish who on the Board will be responsible for the oversight of this event
    • Establish a new “Member at Large” MAL position on the Board to have this responsibility
    • New MAL position to be “Camp Chair” 
    • Advertise this new position prior to the upcoming mini-conference to gauge the level of interest


  • Kimm proposes for the Board to purchase an annual membership to Zoom Videoconferencing
    • Sarah seconds the motion
    • All in favor
      • Ben will set up the new account 


Meeting Adjourned 9:12 am

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