Deborah McHenry | Membership

Hi, I’m Deborah McHenry!  I am originally from Southern California but have made Utah my home since 2005, and have interpreted just as long.  I have enjoyed interpreting in K-12 settings, higher ed, church and a touch of freelance, but my bread and butter right now is VRS. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and both Utah Professional and NIC certifications. When I’m not interpreting I am with my wonderful husband and two young kiddos (a boy and a girl), a puppy and a cat (also a boy and a girl), and when there happens to be a free moment I like doing crafts.

Marcela Lopez | Treasurer

Marcela S. Lopez is a native English and Spanish speaker who has been an ASL interpreter since 2008. She she earned a B.S. in Philosophy from the University of Utah at the end of 2012, is certified at the Utah Professional and NIC levels, and passed the Berlitz for Spanish with flying colors. Her favorite places to interpret include higher ed, VRS and the community but loves just about any challenge. Her favorite titles are “Mommy” and “wife” and she loves a little bit of everything: learning, reading, bicycle rides, making music, cooking and….. you get the point. She loves a bit of everything including the chance to giggle.

Kimm McConnachie | President

My name Kimm Mcconnachie, formerly and still widely known as Kimm Crosby. I have been interpreting since 1994. I’ve always been fascinated with sign language, and being around people!

When I was about seven years old, I watched Catholic church on TV. There was a woman wearing blue, in a small box in the corner of the screen waving her arms around and making funny faces. I didn’t know at the time what she was doing but I knew I wanted to be her when I grew up!

So I guess you can say, I’m living my dream! Outside of interpreting my favorite thing to do is sing annoying made up songs to and with my just- as-crazy-as-me (they had no choice really) children!


Amber Sidwell | Professional Development

My name is Amber Sidwell. I’m a SLC native, although I spent 5 years in Columbus, Ohio where I completed my associate degree in the interpreting program. I’ve since received a BA in Deaf Studies and ASL Education a well as a Master of Education from UVU. I currently interpret for Sorenson Communications and SLCC as well as teach for SLCC and UVU. I love spending time with friends in intimate groups, as I am truly an introvert in hiding. My lifetime goal is to be present, something that seems to evade me more often than I like to admit. I’m excited to be the PD chair and bring what I can to the table.

Patrick Johnson | Member at Large

My name is Patrick Johnson, I grew up in a place far far away called West Valley City. I completed my Associates Degree in Interpreting from SLCC, and received my Bachelors degree in Deaf Studies from UVU. Few things i like to do is play sports (volleyball is my favorite), traveling, fishing, long walks on the beach, and most importantly singing with my boo Katy Perry.

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